Dash Cam Q&A

- How do you format the MicroSD card ?

You should format the MicroSD card  directly in the dash cam's setting menu. Enter the setting menu, find [Format] or [Format SD Card], then confirm to format the MicroSD card. Exit the settingmenu after formatting, the dash cam will start recording.


- Why does the screen turn to black after a few minutes while recording ?

The dash cam has screensaver feature. The screen will turn off after the preset screensaver time, in order not to disturb driving, the dash cam is actually still recording. If you want to keep the screen always on, follow the steps below to complete the setup:

T4: enter Menu -> Settings -> Screen Auto Off -> Off

T4K: enter Menu -> Settings -> Screen Saver -> Always on

Z3D: enter Menu -> LCD auto off -> Off

R1: enter Menu -> Screen Saver -> OFF

Z3Pro: enter Menu -> Screen Saver -> Always on